Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five

Well that’s that. I posted every single day in 2010 for 365 days! I am really proud of myself that I did it. It has been an interesting year for sure. I probably did a lot more this year that I wouldn’t have done if I didn’t have my blog to keep me accountable.
Here are ten new things I did this year:
  1. Roller Derby
  2. Broke my leg (see #1)
  3. Visited Forks and took the unnoficial Twilight tour
  4. Grew stuff in my garden (plants and veges)
  5. Tried new recipes and learned how to bake things inside of cupcakes
  6. Was unemployed for six months
  7. Set up a re-occuring movie night with my favorite WA family
  8. Went to Canada
  9. Made homemade flavored liquor
  10. Went to a firefighter calendar judging contest.
  11. Oh.. and one more Knitting! How can I forget knitting. One awesome thing about breaking my leg (besides the cool scar) was that I started knitting and I haven’t stopped!
Using a random number generator I found online, here are things I did on five random days:
Zach called from basic training today. He was able to use his cell phone for like 10 minutes. It was great to hear from him and it seems like he is doing good. He did mention he has been homesick a few times, but said he is also adjusting well.
That’s my boy! I am so proud of him! Let’s hope the years of videogame playing and competitive swimming has trained him well for this! πŸ™‚

Busy day today! I had to give a presentation on GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and then a big ol’ cumulative Chemistry final and I am exhausted! Chemistry is over for the quarter, but I still have  Biology test tomorrow and then the whole quarter is over. Then a  five week

What an awesome day. I went to the gym this afternoon and did some fast walking and lower body weights. I then had a nice snack of an apple and a piece of cheese that I brought with me to have on the way home so I wouldn’t be tempted to go to McDonald’s next door… and it worked! I drank TONS of water today as well!
Then it was movie night with the Charters. We finished watching True Blood Season Two and then had BBQ chicken, biscuits, and green beans to round off our southern watching.

I made some yummy salted caramel brownies (I baked brownies with a salted caramel in the middle) that turned out awesome. I think that is my new desert thing, baking things inside of stuff. Next week I am going to make cupcakes with KitKat’s baked in the middle.

I also gave Christa the gloves I made her and she loved them. She keeps telling me I need to put my knitting on Etsy. I might just do that!

Drea joined me at roller derby practice tonight and guess what? … Tomorrow we are heading to Fast Girl Skates so she can buy some gear and start going to practice with me next week. She really enjoyed watching the practice and has been wanting to do it for a while, too. Woo hoo!
I also found out that one of the new girls that trains with me is six monthsolder then me! I don’t feel nearly as old now knowing other people my age are doing it πŸ™‚ Next Thursday I am going to join the pack and skate with the more experienced skaters. I am looking forward to it πŸ™‚
I am sore and hungry and feeling great!
Though I don’t plan on keeping a daily blog during 2011, I am going to keep a weekly blog. The new blog will be located at: and named 52 Weeks of … I am going to wait to post until next year (tomorrow) on my new blog a list of things I hope to accomplish, see, do, be, etc…
It has been an interesting year for sure so…. see ya next year!


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