Week Zero

A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints – Wilfred Peterson

2011 will be the year of travel, adventure, change, renewal of life, and many other things.  Each week I will have taken steps toward change, growth, simplification, and/or renewal.

The plan is to post every week a summary of the previous week which will begin with a fitting quote. I may also have posts throughout the week to document experiences I have.

I almost did everything on my list last year, but I fell short a few things. This year I am going to make a short list of twenty one things I want to accomplish and hope to cover them all! These will all be things that relate to my goals of travel, adventure, change, and renewal of life.

  1. Travel to three new countries #travel
  2. Try out a new profession in a different field #career
  3. Visit a temple or other religious locale #religion
  4. Try a new cuisine #cuisine
  5. Fall in love (person, place, or thing) #love
  6. Learn a new language #language
  7. Lose weight and get healthy! #health
  8. Put money in savings each month #savings
  9. Simplify things in my life (clean and organize) #simplify
  10. Pay off debt #debt
  11. Ride a train #train
  12. Send someone flowers.. just because (I didn’t do this one last year!) #flowers
  13. Make new friends #friends
  14. Climb a mountain #mountain
  15. Walk more instead of driving #walk
  16. Take up a new hobby #hobby
  17. Visit an ocean or sea or other body of water #water
  18. Perform a kind deed to at least three strangers without expecting anything in return #strangers
  19. Keep in touch with friends and family #intouch
  20. Read a book on a new subject #book
  21. Visit Sedona (another from my list last year I didn’t do!) #sedona
So bring it on 2011. Let’s do this!


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