This Basic Fat Bomb is da Bomb!


They look like pretty little soaps!

Following a low carb/keto type diet requires fat. Lots of yummy, healthy fat! So after looking at some recipes I decided to take some of the ideas and make my own version. This is the basic recipe, so you can add whatever flavor you want to suit your mood! The ones I made are almond lemon.





Mix all the ingredients together (except the stevia). I used an immersion blender since I can’t find my electric mixer attachments. 😦

I poured an even amount (about one and a half tablespoons) of the mixture in a 24 mini muffin pan. I licked the bowl with the leftover. Yum!

I then added the one drop of vanilla stevia after dividing into individual bombs and then stirred it around. This helped even and flatter everything out.

Put the pan in the fridge for a couple of hours and then pop them out of the pan (I had to use a spoon to dig in and pop them out). You can store them in the fridge for a much needed snack!


Note: What I might do differently.

  • Pour it out on a flat cooking sheet (with edges) and break or cut it into pieces. Or use THIS or THIS or even THIS.  I think the mini muffin tins are a little too big, though they could be cut in half. (By the time this posted I had already bought two types of the silicon molds I linked to, daisy’s and heart’s)
  • Next time I will change the coconut oil to butter ratio. High butter ration means it will get harder. These literally melt in your mouth in seconds (and on your fingers).
  • Also, I want to try different flavors for sure. Cocoa mint is up next! 




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