About me!

Something yellow

I like to do stuff. I like to try new things. I like to reinvent myself. Every year I feel like I start a brand new chapter in my life and sometimes I feel like a totally different character in my book of life. A lot of times I look back on the last year and think, “Holy cow, I did that?! How cool!”

Every day when I hop out of bed (okay, most of the time I stumble out of it moaning and groaning) I get ready for a new adventure. Sometimes a new adventure is taking  new route somewhere, or taking up roller derby, or riding an elephant. I am just having fun. 🙂 When I stop having fun is when I kick myself in the ass and find something cool and new to try.

I also love videogames, cooking, and zombies. And so many more things that you would have to read my blog and previous blogs to see just how many more things. Back to the zombies: I read, watch movies, write, and sometimes even dream about zombies. Well maybe not the zombies themselves; but I really, really dig the whole survival aspect of the zombie apocalypse and the people involved and what they are doing to survive it.  Most of the time it is just easier to say I love zombies and if someone seems interested I will go into detail. A lot of detail. Kind of like I am doing now. Probably too much detail for someone who really wasn’t interested and was just being polite.

My blog is mostly just about what I find cool at that very moment or something fun I am doing (or at least I think it is cool and fun).

Have fun reading and don’t forget to pick up a useful skill that will make you invaluable if (when) the zombie apocalypse comes along.

You can see my previous blogs at:
Kiki in Korea and 365 days of Kiki


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