sisters.jpgA friend posted and commented on an article about love that was an interesting read (and a fun project!) While reading through it I thought, this isn’t just about romantic relationships, this also has a lot do with adult friendships. Developing and maintaining meaningful adult friendships needs a lot of the same things, compromise, not fighting to win, self respect, and something that is easy to forget … just being nice to each other.

We didn't always stick with mojito's, we had sangria's, too!In your teens and 20’s friendships can seem replaceable or that they will last 4EVAH! But as you get older you realize the importance of having really good, true friends around and how nit-picking and fighting over tiny things can be a death blow to an awesome potentially life-long friendship.

I think we focus too much on how to obtain and maintain a relationship with your “soul mate” and not enough time worrying about how to maintain those lifelong friendships that come in so handy during break-ups and fights with your soul mate, travelling around the world, and getting pedicures.

Week TwelveYes, yes, I know what many will say, but my husband, wife, or significant other is my best friend! I am not trying to make light of that relationship. I think it’s great! But as I have learned from experience, there is such thing as spending too much time with one person and having someone you can talk about mood killer like things with (stomach issues, weird spots in weird places, and how your significant other is being such a fuckwad) is irreplaceable.

30 Days of Pictures/OctoberSo take that love advice and apply it to your friendships. I know I will find it worth it when I am ready to join the Red Hat Society or join a mall walking group (who else is going to know the importance of color coordinating our mall-walking outfits but your best bud forever?)

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2 thoughts on “BFF’s 4EVAH!

    • I’m sure; you can find the worth of it if you join the Red Hat Society. Red Hat Society is more than just a club; you can find friends and family in this organization. Red Hat can give you a deep meaning for the BFF 4EVAH!

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