It’s a brand new year–and my procrastination is on schedule

lexicon2014.jpgHere we go…. 2014 … The famous goals and plans of the new year. I initially had around 30+, but then decided I wanted to keep it specific so I could better  track what I accomplished. So I weened it down to nine detailed goals/plans. Why nine? Well I like numbers that are multiples of three, so I chose nine! Some of them are a lot more detailed than others with time limits, etc. and others just need to be completed within the year.  In regard to the picture.

If Lexi can show such restraint and patience and not grab a treat as I carefully lay them out in front of her to spell out 2014 and such dedication in reaching her goal of getting a treat, then I should be able to do the same in reaching my goals this year!

    1. Travel to three states I haven’t been to. This should be totally doable since I am currently surrounded by states I haven’t been to. First stop? Hopefully New Orlean, LA!  Also, take six road trips within Texas. These must be at least a full day adventure to parts of Texas I have not visited. #2014roadtrip #2014USAtravel
    2. Send 12 cards or gifts to friends and family for birthdays or just because. Already on schedule with this since I am sending my friend Wendy a pair of fingerless mittens for being an awesome person and giving me feedback on the first draft of my ZK Jax book. #2014intouch
    3. Finish first-round self-editing of book #1, hire a professional editor for round two editing, find a designer for the book cover, and publish the book through Amazon self publishing. This will be done! #book1
    4. Network more. Attend more social networking events; professionally and socially. #network
    5. Write (minimum) 500 words a day for book #2 starting on February 1st (giving myself a break for January). There should be at least 50,000 words completed by the end of May. Goal date, May 31, 2014. #book2
    6. Keep up with kettlebell 3-4 times a week (on track with this!) Get a minimum of 10,000 steps a day; every single day (on track with this as well! Started January 13th). #getfitstayfit
    7. Put money in savings from each paycheck. $100 a paycheck minimum. Have at least $2500 in savings by the end of 2014 to invest in a money market account (or something similar) for 2015. #savings
    8. Simplify. Go through stuff and get rid of things. Continue to track clothes and by the end of January, pack up the ones that haven’t been worn. Go through one box a week from storage (on Thursdays) and throw away or donate as much as possible (yes, I have that much junk stored away! #simplifystuff
    9. Pay off two debts. Cancel two retail/credit cards/accounts.  #2014debt 

Since it has all been written down and published in a blog post… it must be done. This is the law of the blogging world. THE LAW!


Also, not only does being around my mom make me revert back to the teenager attitude it also apparently turns me into Miley Cyrus.  ———->

Sub-goal – Get a new blog name. Something more exciting than Kiki A. Lewis. Something random and cool would be fun. “Whiskey and Whimsy” is leading the way so far followed by “Pathologically High-Spirited”.

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