Come fly the kawaii skies!

Hello Kitty AK47While wandering the Internet I found that not only can you buy a Hello Kitty AK47, you can also fly on a Hello Kitty Jet. (To find all things Hello Kitty, check out Hello Kitty Hell.

Yep. You fly on a Hello Kitty Jet and be fully immersed in all things Hello Kitty. EVERYTHING HELLO KITTY for hours, many hours, without escape. Sounds exciting, right? And by exciting I mean excruciatingly painful, in a fun, perky, pink, and kawaii way!

Hello Kitty Jet

So what are some of the highlights of this Hello Kitty experience? I’m glad you asked!

Six Hello Kitty themed jets.

  1. Hello Kitty with Magic Stars, the theme of the Magic Jet, features the cute feline waving her magic wand, sprinkling shining stars and heralding the start of a happy journey. Hello Kitty’s friends and family members join her on the aircraft in a cheerful representation of friendship and love.
  2. Hello Kitty Loves Apples. The concept that inspires the Apple Jet is Hello Kitty Loves Apples. Apples Care very close to Hello Kitty’s heart. She is five apples tall and weights three apples. Her favorite food is her mother’s homemade apple pie. Depicted along the fuselage of this aircraft are Hello Kitty and her friends, who happily share their sweet apples with EVA Air’s passengers.
  3. Hello Kitty Around the World, the theme of the Global Jet, depicts Hello Kitty and her friends amid many of the world’s greatest landmarks. The colorful images are an invitation for travels to join Hello Kitty on her exciting travels to far-away destinations.
  4. Hello Kitty Happy Music. The Happy Music Jet has a fanciful melody theme designed to inspire cheerfulness in the air. Symbols of musical notes adorn the aircraft.Your journey with the Music Jet begins the moment you walk on board as you become mesmerized as if listening to a cheerful symphony. Let your flight of happiness begin!
  5. Hello Kitty Speed Puff. The Speed Puff Jet draws inspiration from the “somesault clouds” of East Asian folklore. Hello Kitty and her friends ride the colorful, fluffy clouds to the destinations of their dreams.
  6. Hello Kitty Sanrio Family Hand in Hand. The year 2013 is a year of love. Sanrio Family extends a warm hand of friendship to all passengers of Sanrio Family hand in hand to make them feel exuberant love and care. Let’s take each other’s hand and build the bridge of happiness and global friendship.

Hello Kitty themed EVERYTHING in the plane:

flight attendantsHello Kitty themed flight attendants.


And if this isn’t enough HK (HK is Hello Kitty for those newbs that don’t know the lingo) stuff for you, you can shop for more at the Sky Shop.

There is even a section on the website to learn more about all the HK characters. My fave is surprisingly not Kiki (I didn’t even know there was a character named Kiki in the HK world!) but a character named Kuromi. Mostly because she is pretty bad-ass and I like her hat.


The self-proclaimed rival of My Melody. Her black hood with a pink skull motif just has ‘I rock!’ written all over it!

Name Kuromi
Birthday October 31st (Halloween)
Personality A rowdy free spirit, but actually quite girly on the inside (!) Has a soft spot for cute guys.

But don’t just read my words and look at my pictures; experience it yourself! Or read other peoples real life experiences with the magical world of flying on the Hello Kitty jets.

Flying EVA Air With Hello Kitty

11 Incredible Facts About EVA Air’s New ‘Hello Kitty’ Airplane

Hello Kitty X EVA Air

Kawaii Overload: EVA Airways Hello Kitty Jet x 2, Business Class

hellokitty_alarmclockAll mockery and snickering aside, yeah, I would ride in one these, I have a tiny weakness for Hello Kitty as displayed by the Hello Kitty alarm clock next to my bed that I won during an office Xmas party white elephant exchange. I mean it’s not like I had to steal it back twice during the event or anything. (look up white elephant gift exchange if you don’t know what stealing has to do with office Xmas parties)

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