Dicken’s Cider – not in a box

dickensciderThe other day my friend Mandi posted on Facebook via Foursquare about how she was drinking a Dicken’s Cider at Fado’s in Austin. There were tons of comments on it, many with a *nudge nudge wink wink* vibe.  I was curious at why so many people thought it was so hilarious and naughty.




The next day this conversation happened:

Me: “Why are people making such naughty comments about that drink, I don’t get it.”

Mandi: “I thought the same thing, it’s freaking Charles Dickens, it’s Christmas!”

We both just shrugged and went on our day.


I assume people were imagining something like this.

Later that day we were telling some people at work about our happy hour and the drinks we had and Mandi said, “I had a Dicken’s Cider—” Then the light bulb went over both our heads and I turned to Mandi and said, “ohhhhhhhhhhhh.. I get it now!”  And she just nodded in agreement as it dawned on her at the same time what the comments were about.

Seriously! my mind is usually way more perverted than that and I usually find innuendos right away.  So embarrassing.

(If you are being as slow as we were, just say the drink name out loud)

Also.. the drink frickin’ rocked! I definitely plan to try and recreate this myself! If you try it at home, don’t forget to rim it with cinnamon sugar.



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