More books!

More books!

There are many ways to tell if a person is a reader. They talk about reading, you talk about reading and they know the book you are reading and can talk about it with you, you go to their house and they have books in every room. EVERY room. They have a book stashed in their car, purse, and desk at work. You walk by a bookstore and have to go back to drag them away when you notice they are no longer walking next to you. Maybe they befriend you on Goodreads and you see the massive listed of “read” and “currently reading” books.

Nowadays, with so many digital options it’s easy to judge someone and think they are crushing candy when they may actually be reading! (On a phone I always assume they are crushing candy!)

Or maybe you simply see a blog post where someone has posted a screenshots of their many devices they have downloaded Kindle on.
I thought this was kind of cool showing all the devices I have loaded the Kindle app on. Look at all that naming creativity! haha


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