Enders Game movie – Success!

Battle School at Ender's Game

Battle School at Ender’s Game (Photo credit: Todd Awbrey)

Firstly. I am a huge fan of the book series as is my mom, son, and nephew. We were all excited and a tiny bit wary about seeing such a beloved book series as a movie. I am not a huge fan of Orson Scott Card‘s beliefs (see links below for others musings about them), but his writing is damn good. So, putting aside my dislike of the author as a person, I went and saw Enders Game last night and LOVED it.

It may not have been completely true to the book (when is a movie ever?) but… and as corny as this may sound coming from non-squishy-emotion me, the heart of it was there. I thought they caught the confusion, hope, angst, and anger that Ender feels in the first book.

Everything from the bunks to the battle room were definitely a lot fancier then we all imagined from the books… but it worked. They had to make it more of the future as it would be perceived now, rather than when the books were first written.

I am just pleased it didn’t get all campy like Starship Troopers did. In that case I loved both the book and movies, but for very different reasons.

I also felt like it ideally left it open for them to make Speaker For The Dead movie. The only thing I could have asked for that most of us fell in love with in the books is… MORE BEAN!


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