Landlines, crushes, and annoying siblings

I was talking to a friend on the phone the other night and heard a clicking noise that he couldn’t hear. I assumed it was the government listening in to my scintillating talk about how my work day went and the heady discussion on if I should cut my hair and get bangs or not. But it also got me thinking again about days gone past and things this new generation of kids will never get to experience.

familyRemember when when your school crush called you after school and you were giggling your way into saying yes about going steady and your annoying older/younger sister/brother picked up the other phone and started making kissy noises and  taunting you with,  “Sooommeeoness gotta boyyyfrriiennnddd/Giirrllfffiiieennndd!” And you covered the phone and screamed about how you were going to kill them and then tried to persuade you mom to kill them because you were still on the phone and were tangled up in the long spiraled cord?

zta1.jpgAnd then after you untangled yourself from the cord you threw the phone to the side and chased after your little/older brother/sister still screaming at them, not realizing the phone was still off the hook and your crush could hear everything going on?

Zach and Tyler Wall 02And how later that night you hid in your closet, with the phone, when you were supposed to be asleep to tell your best friend how totally mortified you were and how, like, you wish your sister/brother was never born and how you were just going to die tomorrow at school!?


That’s gone.

2010-05-26 18.09.09

With every kid over the age of two having their own cell phone they will never get to experience this joy.


And now with the news that some schools are banning the use of balls, playing tag, post-game handshake, and other ‘rough’ activities on the playground how are our kids going to toughen up?


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