Melancholy of sounds gone by

keyboard.jpgAs I am sitting at my desk diligently working away I can hear the pitter patter of my coworkers typing away on their computer keyboards. Normally it is a white noise that I barely pay attention to, but for some reason today it caught my attention. It’s a soothing sound, as well as a busy sound. But more importantly, it is a familiar sound.

tablet.jpgThis made me think of past communication sounds that have fallen away from everyday office noise. The sound of keys clacking on an electric typewriter, the rat-a-tat of a manual keyboard, and the soft swooshes of pencil to paper. Most of these sounds will no longer be heard by the upcoming generations. And soon the pittering and pattering of a computer keyboard will also fall by the wayside. Soon all we will have is the sound of fingers brushing across the glass of a monitor or tablet. Or maybe the sizzle and pop of neurons firing as we focus on our neural implant to surf the web. 

It is definitely not something to get distraught over, but it doesn’t hurt to get a tiny bit melancholy of sounds gone by.


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