Puppy daycare interview and the end of the human race


Lexi has a “doggy interview” on Monday. She is going to check out a doggy daycare and they are going to check her out. I actually haven’t told her about the interview yet. I don’t want her stressing out over it being a whole day thing and about being somewhere new and if she will make friends easily. The everyday stresses of a puppy are tough enough!

I hope the other puppies won’t mock her gluten-free food choices. Or laugh when she talks about her planning and training for the potential zombie apocalypse.  But she is a smart girl and will learn to defend her self appropriately if another puppy tries to bully her!

603245_10151098303879023_1588958944_nMy biggest worry is what she should wear for her first day. She needs to give a good first impression! I think she is going to stick with her everyday black and tan outfit and maybe the zombie K-9 unit bandanna. Tokki is also going to the interview. He will probably wear his Taekwondo outfit.

sc2 I don’t know what will go on during the day, but what I imagine is that when we pick them up, all the dogs will be gathered in a semi-circle around Tokki. He will be sitting on an elevated platform addressing them and sharing the seven commandments.  Lexi will be circling the crowd prompting them with a chant “Four legs good, two legs bad!” The owners of the daycare will most likely be trapped somewhere. And there will be pigs and they will be standing guard. 

All-in-all, I imagine the interview will go well!


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