THE Internet calling.

Approximately 75 minutes ago I answered the phone and had the following conversation:

Me: Hello?
Him: Hello, I am so-and-so calling from somewhere to tell you there is malicious software on your computer.
Me: Who is this?
Him: This is (so-and-so) from (somewhere).
(He had a strong accent)
Me: Who are you with?
Him: Global Internet.
Me: Global Internet?
Him: Yes
Me: THE Internet?
Him: Yes, I am calling to let you know there is malicious software on your computer.
Me: This is THE Internet?
Him: Yes.
Me: You are like famous or something! Oh my gawd! I can’t believe someone from THE Internet is calling me! This is so cool!
Him: Yes, umm, there is malicious software on your computer.
Me: OMG. There is? Really? Right now?! Oh no! What does that mean?
Him: Yes, I am cal–
Me: Wait. Are you on my computer right now? Can you see me waving?
Him: Umm. I am calling abo–
Me: Hello! I’m waving right now. Can’ you see me?
Him: No. I am calling ab–
Me: Fuck off ya fuckwad.

scamI can’t believe he actually stayed on the phone. Maybe he thought he had caught a live one. It was probably something to break up the monotony for him as well.


3 thoughts on “THE Internet calling.

  1. I absolutely fear the day Adobe starts calling us about updates that are ready to be installed. ‘Hi, this is Bob from Adobe, 24 hours ago you told me you wanted me to call you back now, so here I am…’

  2. Reblogged this on Remove Your Malware and commented:
    My new favourite article makes today’s reblog! A little rude to the finish but nonetheless, Kiki2point0 has set an example to us all in terms of telephone malware scams!
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