Always prepared? Taking stock of your trunk

20130910_083049As I tossed the second roll of duct tape into the trunk of my car I decided to take inventory of what exactly I store in there. I purposely left out of the picture the mass amount of reusable shopping bags because it is ridiculous. But what you store in the trunk of your car most likely says a lot about you.


Here is my inventory:

  • One pink yoga mat.
  • One purple bear named Jellybean who has been relegated to the trunk of the car so he doesn’t get stolen when the top is down or eaten when the dogs are in the car. Poor guy. Spent 28 years with me and this is how I treat him. 😦
  • Two wine glasses. Of course.
  • Two rolls of duct tape; one silver, one black.
  • One coil of rope.
  • One set of jumper cables.
  • One set of snow chains that have never been used. (Of course someone from Phoenix and now in Austin would need these.)
  • One car blanket that I have had since my very first car at age 15! Man, if that blanket could talk…
  • And one umbrella that I “borrowed” from a child in South Korea and it somehow made it back to the US with me.

The only thing missing that I always had when living in AZ is a bottle of water for emergencies. What else am I missing besides a first aid kit (noted, need to move that from the bathroom cabinet to the trunk of my car) and some sort of weapon (a crowbar will do in a pinch and I have one of those next to the spare tire)?



2 thoughts on “Always prepared? Taking stock of your trunk

  1. Old cell phone and the charger (even without a cell plan, phones can call 911)
    Batteries & a flashlight
    Non-perishable food (jerky/nuts/MRE)
    Paper map
    Spare clothes (including socks and a pair of sneakers)
    A towel or a couple rags
    Garbage bags
    Leatherman or some other multi-tool

    • paper map.. what is this paper map you speak of? 🙂

      I used to have a spare pair of clothes (aka yoga clothes), I just moved them out the other day since they were stinky!

      Man.. I need to get stocking, I don’t have many of those things! I definitely need to get a Letherman and Maglite.

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