Lackadaisical traveler

Unless I plan to make a big detour when driving to AZ for Thanksgiving to see my family (especially my boy and his new girlfriend (awwwww!)), I don’t think I am going to visit any new states this year! That’s a bummer because I have a lot of them to still see.

I have avoided just about all of the Southern, Midwestern, and Northern states for some reason (yes, yes, all your jokes about those states are so funny).  But I have completely covered the West Coast (represent, yo). Maybe I can find a way to at least make it to Louisiana or whatever state that is above it (yes, I suck at geography) to mark one of them off my list.

And a fact that no one except me is likely to find interesting is, out of the 16 states I have visited, I have lived in six of them.

Maybe next year I will take a Southern road trip (road trip, woo hoo!) and end up in Florida to visit lots of peeps like my bestest ex-sister-in-law, Carol and my (I am a horrible lackadaisical godlessmother) godson, David!


Pink states are visited ones (of course)

After I fill this map up, next step… the world!  mwahahahahahahahahaaha!




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