Puppy training – Poochie Bells!

BeFunky_DSCN2774.jpgSo I decided to try out bell training for Lexi just so I don’t have to stare at her 24/7 waiting for her to want to go pee (even though she is pretty cute and entertaining even when she won’t let me take a picture of us together without trying to lick my face).


So I ordered some Poochie Bells (hot pink of course). I followed the directions which consisted of three steps:


It seemed relatively simple. Each time I took her outside I said “Ring bells to go outside!” and rang the bells. She was understandably excited about the bells and sniffed them and body slammed them, so that was a good start. We did that a couple of times with no problems.

BeFunky_whiskey1.jpgLater that night when I was sitting at my chair I heard a crashing sound. My first thought was , “Damn it Whiskey the Cat! What the hell did you knock over!”

BeFunky_2013-08-30 13.jpgAfter a second I realized it was the sound of bells! I rushed to the door and sure enough there was Lexi waiting to go outside! This happened two more time throughout the night and then again the next night. Hellz yeah! I didn’t know this worked so quickly and worked at all.

BeFunky_2013-08-30 12.jpgI definitely prefer the sound of bells ringing then the sounds of either Mandi or me grumbling and cursing as we clean up a mess on the floor. I am guessing Mandi would prefer that as well. Tokki and Whiskey don’t give a damn, just more interesting smells for them to sniff.


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