Y no Sp34k 2 mE? – Communicating with your grown child.

Anyone who has a teenager or 20-something year old child knows that sometimes it is close to impossible to get then to respond to you in text message (or phone or even in person when you are standing directly in front of them). Recently I have resorted to harassment and guilt.

2013-08-21 12.17.47

The was the last exchange (one-sided) when my son was not responding. As you can see, I even reverted to “chat speak” and bringing the puppy into the conversation to no avail. 😦

2013-08-21 12.18.07

I then sent a cute Lexi puppy picture and then a severed deer head picture. Nothing.






And finally I tried good ol’ fashioned mother’s guilt. It worked! For like half a second before he was gone again. And we still haven’t had a Skype conversation.  😦

Since then he has been a bit more chatty, but mostly to ask my advice about stuff (love that!) and to chat about his future (love that, too!) and to discuss potential visits (love that even more!) Freakin’ kids. They are a pain in the ass. All this love you feel for them and attention needing is exhausting!

So the lesson learned is, it is hard work getting your child to keep in touch with you, but once they start communicating it is worth it and you ride the convo train as far as it will go! Now I know why when I call my mom she finds everything and anything to talk about to keep me on the phone for as long as she can.

It only took 20+ years of being a mom, but I get it now, mom.


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