Bad Things – Classical Conditioning

lexi1My daily alarm is set to play “Bad Things” by Jace Everett. You may recognize it as the theme to True Blood. And apparently now my puppy does.

Last night as we were watching the season finale of True Blood, the opening credits came on and Lexicon’s ears perked up.  She slowly walked toward the television, staring at it inquiringly. At first I thought she was just interested in the show, even though it is probably one of the worse season yet, Alcide is pretty damn hot. But I rewound it a few times and sure enough, each time it played she would perk up and move toward it.

I then tested it by playing it on my phone and again she perked up and this time moved toward my phone. I didn’t realize dogs recognized music, but it is pretty cool. She also then moved toward the front door ready for her morning constitutional. Good ol’ classical conditioning! Thank Pavlov!


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