My magic date ball


Magic Date Ball

I own a Magic Date Ball.  “Oh that’s cool, Kiki? I had a Magic Eight Ball growing up and then I grew up.” No, I said A Magic Date Ball. This is totally different and totally acceptable for adults to have (I live in a very different reality then most.)



It is pink and has sparkly purple liquid inside. It also has a big 8 in a white circle and underneath that it reads Date Ball in fancy yellow script (see picture to the left if my word description sucks).



My friend Megan and I use it on a regular basis at work to ask it important questions like–“Will I have fun on my date tonight?” “Will he think I am the bomb-diggity-bomb?” “Will he have a big… (just kidding, Megan never asks that one!)?” “Will I get lucky tonight (again, not Megan’s question)?” “Will my date go so awesome I will be able to stop asking this stupid Magic Date Ball questions about dating?” You know, the usual questions the normal (hahahaha normal) single female adult would ask.

You Know It!

You Know It!

The answers are very helpful. The best thing is if you don’t like the answer, just rephrase the question and ask it again. You most likely will get a better one! (You can do this multiple times as long as you rephrase the question each time.)

The other day my boss came over as I was gazing into it contemplating what to ask it and asked me a question about work. (After apologizing for interrupting me since I was obviously so busy doing the work I am being paid to do.) I answered his work related question and then said, “Wait, let me check with the Magic Date Ball.” I confused him enough with that sentence that while he was trying to figure out if I said what he thought I said I had time to shake it and get an answer. Not surprisingly it gave me the same answer I had given him, “I’ll Tell You Later.” He was suitably impressed. (Actually he just said, hmm, that’s the same answer you gave me.)

Even though its powers are eerily on target; I mainly just like it because it is pink and has sparkly purple water in it.


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