Hide your Aliens! We are heading to Roswell!

lexycooperMy friend and author Christa Charter is getting ready to finish up her third book in the Lexy Cooper Mystery series. The climax of the book is in a pretty cool location, but she isn’t really familiar with it. So she decided to check out the crowdfunding options and see if others would be interested in helping her get there. It was no surprise to most of us that people did want to help and she quickly met her goal and then some. Now you may have some questions and let me see if I can cover some of them:

Q. Kiki, why are you telling me this now if she is already funded (As of this posting she is at $1280 with 56 days left to go)?
A. Because as she surpasses her goal more stuff happens! So far with the extra money she is going to use that toward commissioning the same awesome artist that created the cover art on her first two books in the series, Brett Parson.

09-07-wild-rumpusQ. Kiki, if she is such a good friend, why haven’t you donated?
A. Because I am going to do something even better (and more fun!) I am going to fire up my Mustang and drive out to Roswell (on my own dime) and meet up with her there and blog the shit out of everything we do (and most likely invoke a wild rumpus because that’s what I do)!

Q. Kiki, why the hell would I want to help someone whom I may potentially not even know?
A. Because helping is nice and it makes you feel all warm and squishy inside even if it is just a tiny bit of help. Also, why the hell haven’t you read her first two books? Start with Schooled and then move on to Pwned. And who knows, depending on how much you donate you could be a character in book #3!

Q. Kiki, Why are you single when you are so damn cool, awesome, and a great cook?
A. Good question (and probably the best one yet).
According to me, “I just haven’t met the right person!”
According to my friends, “You are just too damn picky!”
According to other friends, “You have a right to be picky!”
According to my friend Christa Charter (awesome author), “I thought this post was about me, how did it end up about you?”
According to my mom, “You are just too cool, awesome, and gorgeous and would most likely get bored with someone after two weeks, anyway.”
According to my sister, ‘I don’t know. Why are you still single? Go out there and meet people. Dork.”
According to my son, ‘I don’t know mom, why are you asking me questions like this? Weirdo.”

I hope those questions helped clear up a few things and I hope you go check out Christa’s Indiegogo page, or at least read her book and tell others about it!

If you want to help in a non-monetary way read the first two Lexy Cooper books and tell your friends about them. Give them a review on Amazon.com or Goodreads. Word of mouth is free and valuable beyond calculation! – Christa Charter


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