Sometimes the worst adventures make for the best stories

483564_10151145982515303_758990750_nI was trying to think of a new tagline for my blog that wasn’t a quote and I was having trouble thinking of that perfect one liner that would express what my blog is about.

483074_10151073946190303_422794024_nSo after wracking my brain for what seemed like hours (20 minutes or so) I thought of something that my travel partner Mandi probably got real tired of hearing as we wandered through SE Asia and South Korea and numerous other places — “one day this is going to make an awesome story!”

6634_10151145989885303_33920529_nHere is how it went — Every time something bad happened on our adventures, like the cockroach incidents (plural), the leech incident (mine), the orange hotel incident (ugh), and many others I always exclaimed with my normal up-beat (and for some reason annoyingly cheerful to some)  voice — “this may suck right now but one day this is going to make an awesome story!”

60910_10151145842100303_1798314309_nBut you know what? I was right, all of those incidents made for awesome stories! So that about encompasses what I write about, finding a story in everything that happens, be it good or bad.


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