1st draft self-editing – complete!

This dog also plays a role in the book.

This dog also plays a role in the book.

So I finally finished self-editing the first draft of my book and sent it off to a couple close friends (and one son named Zach) to read and give feedback on. This is nerve-wracking. Actual real feedback from people who aren’t me. I am pretty Zach will love it since he will recognize a bunch of stuff in it from his life and personality. I just hope it all goes together to make a good story!

So now the waiting…

For now, here is a scene with Sparky (aka Sprocket) in it:

“Rescue! Rescue!” I called out to Sparky as I ran for the pool hoping he would remember the drill and jump in the water so it would be easier to grab him. The explosion had worked as planned. A large boom sounded from the far side of the pool and what zombies weren’t blown up were pulled in that direction by the noise. I caught some attention from my yelling, but the little explosions that were sounding were enough to pull their attention away from me. Sparky continued barking at the retreating zombies but made an abrupt turn and flew off the raft into the water at the sound of my command. Seconds later I dove into the pool and swam the length to reach him underwater. I burst out of the water and reached out for him. He immediately went limp and rolled over onto his back. I entwined my arm around his body and swam for the side of the pool towing him behind me. Sparky is trained as a…


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