Writing, editing, and puppies

I have been a slacker about editing my book! I think having the 1000 words a day when writing it and sticking with it really kept me on track. Now that I know I just need to edit it and haven’t given myself a schedule I am at loss at what to do.

lexiconI could blame it on the new puppy. But I am pretty sure I could write while she is sleeping, which is the majority of the time.

So I need some sort of schedule for doing this. Editing 1000 words a day doesn’t work because there is really no workable way to track that and it doesn’t make sense. Maybe do it by pages? In Word it is around 80 pages, single-spaced. So maybe three or four pages a day? Give myself a month to edit it. Or I could do it by chapters, there are 28 of those. But that doesn’t include the preface and introduction, which would actually make it 30. So maybe one chapter a day?

I promise to myself to figure out how I am going to do this by the 4th since I would like to finish editing by the 31st. I figures Zach’s b-day would be a good milestone for that.


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