Tokki’s First Day in Texas

The Taekwondo outfit proves he is Korean.

The Taekwondo outfit proves he is Korean.

I am not a fan of little dogs, I prefer them big and ferocious and invested in doing battle with me. But Mandi’s dog Tokki is a different story. Everyone loves him. The following is an account, by me, of Tokki’s first full day in the great state of Texas.

This is Tokki. Tokki is a recently transplanted Korean now living in the United States. Say Mung Mung, Tokki! Mung mung is how dogs bark in Korea. Yes, Tokki speaks Korean.


After arriving from Korea, Tokki had a brief stint in Ohio where he was thoroughly spoiled and fed human food (that is food for humans, not of humans) by Dave and Pauletta Hoopes.

401169_10151495502379023_957119361_nHe was rescued a second time by his mom, Mandi, who flew all the way from Austin, TX and back to rescue him from the mistreatment he was receiving there (otherwise known as “a life of luxury’.) The first rescue she did was when she was living in Korea. Tokki is a pro at flying and being squished under seats.

20130529_023753Tokki arrived at our home after midnight and met his new roommate Whiskey the Cat (his legal name includes ‘the Cat’ so he insists on using it all the time though we just call him Cat.) Whiskey (the Cat) is pretty laid back and so is Tokki. Obviously this meeting had no real impact on their lives, plus there was food!

20130529_085242This is Tokki checking outside our apartment for the first time. He was searching for cowboys (me, too, Tokki!) It got pretty crazy out in our ‘hood and we barely made it back.

20130529_115337Tokki doing laundry. He has to help out if he wants to make it in this country. Otherwise I vote to deport him!

944238_10151497055389023_1040262507_nThis is Tokki after doing shots of tequila. After two shots he starts slur-barking “mwrong, mrwong”. Freakin’ lush, showing his true Korean colors now.

20130529_132234I was trying to get some work done and Tokki kept distracting me by looking cute, finally he cuddled up and I was able to work!

20130529_095636This is Tokki driving to go pick up his mom from work. He needs a chauffeurs cap.

The end. (though I am sure there will be further adventures with Tokki and Whiskey the Cat!)


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