So much yummy goodness!

garden.jpgI have been making a lot of infused water lately so I decided to get some herbs to grow on my patio. I went to the Home Depot that is conveniently located next door and picked up some mint and basil. I also decided to get two types of tomatoes and some little yellow peppers. I am excited to see how they grow!

infusedwater.jpgSince the herbs already had leaves on them I was able to make some infused water. One pitcher is basil and berry and the other is mint, ginger, and green apple. YUM! I love this stuff (and I love my infusing pitchers).

martini.jpgI also picked up a mortar and pestle from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (also conveniently located next door) and since I had plenty of basil and mint  I mixed it up with some Austin made Deep Eddy Ruby Red vodka for a yummy mint and basil ruby red martini aka Red Herbtini.

I order a scuby so I can start making homemade Kombucha later this week. So much yummy goodness comes from my home!


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