Face eating: What would you do?

e92c44d2ca970b524a49ae4a2e0da1bfIt’s been one year exactly since the news came from Miami that a man was found eating another mans face. There were rumors abound from ingesting ‘bath salts’ to a zombie apocalypse to demonic possession. No drugs (except small amounts of marijuana) were found in his system and he was believed to a be a religious person and as we soon found out, the zombie apocalypse did not start (yet).

TNYMA-int_karma3So that leads to the question. What would you do if you saw someone eating someone’s face?  If it is just a lone attack do you pretend you didn’t just see what you thought you saw and speed up as you rush away? Or do you yell at them to stop and try to intervene and risk getting your own face eaten? Or do you shoot first and ask questions later?

zombiesIt’s hard to say what someone would do if (when) the moment actually occurs. It is easy enough to say you would kick some mofo ass! But in reality you would probably just stare at it in shock, and maybe pull out your phone to get some pictures and/or video and then hopefully…. RUN!


6 thoughts on “Face eating: What would you do?

  1. LOL – I would probably pee myself, have a seizure and then pass out if I came across a scene like that.

      • One time I was in New Orleans and I saw a guy and some sort of jewelry store owner yelling at each other. The person that wasn’t the owner ran to his car trunk and pulled out some sort of bull whip. I was like “Let’s get the hell out here” to my friends.

        I don’t know what I would do if I saw some guy eating someone’s else’s face…..

  2. I’d probably wade in without thinking and then deeply regret it as soon as I got off automatic and realised exactly what I’d got myself into. At least that’s what’s happened before (nothing as serious as face-eating but still situations I wouldn’t have got involved in if I’d thought about it rather than just reacting).

  3. It’s tough. I know when I watch zombie type movies I end up yelling at the people on the screen that run toward the danger instead of away, when in real life I would most likely do the same. We like to think we would be prepared when stuff like that happens, but really we would probably stand there in shock wondering if it was really happening or not and then wander over to see if we can stop it or something. Most likely I wouldn’t pull out a shotgun and shoot them. Maybe.

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