40,000 words down with only a few scenes left to go!

sketchI hit 40,000 words yesterday and thought that was worth posting another excerpt from my book. I am pretty damn excited

I expect to post in about a week that I have actually finished my first draft and have to dive in and do major edits. I am not looking forward to that. I am also not looking forward to finding someone to help me do some edits anyone know any highly skilled and cheap book editors? 🙂
 since I was looking over my outline (scribbles on various pieces of scrap papers) and realized I only have a few scenes left before I was basically done with the first draft. Basically done with the first draft of my novel. Holy cow. How the heck did that happen?


So here it is…..

“Is that Scooter?” he asked.

“Not funny, Ty!” I yelled at him, my head whipping back and forth as I kept an eye out for stray bodies flinging themselves at our car.

“No, really, isn’t that Scooter?” He pointed toward the left where a tall guy with black curly hair was lumbering out toward us dragging something behind him.

“It is!” Junior screamed, “run him over!” he bounced excitedly in the seat banging harder on Z-cash’s chair “Killlll himmmmm,” he continued to holler.

Z-cash brought the car to a slow rolling stop and we all stared out the window toward the body slowly limping toward us.

“Is he one of them?” TY asked.

“Kill him!” Junior yelled again, the adrenaline running through his body causing him to almost crawl up and over the driver’s seat.

“Get off me!” Z-cash called back trying unsuccessfully to push Junior backwards.

“Is he one of them?” Ty asked again. “And what the heck is he dragging?”

We all continued to stare out the window and even Junior had calmed down some and was trying to squish his face between the driver’s seat and the side window.

“Is it a broom?” Ty wondered.

“Why would he have a broom?” I scoffed.

“Why are we running from zombies?” Ty responded and shrugged.

“Good point,” I said. “We should do that, let’s run!”

“I think it’s a vaulting stick,” Junior added.

We all turned and stared at him.

“What? A pole vaulting stick would be so much weirder than a broom?” he asked and turned back to stare out the window where Scooter was still moving toward us.

“I think he is waving at us,” Junior said as he started to wave back.

“Zombies don’t wave at people!” I exclaimed in a panicky voice. “Let’s get the hell out of here!”

Ty leaned forward a bit more, “I think it is his lacrosse stick.”

Z-cash nodded, “Yep, that’s it. He must have been on his way to practice.”

“I don’t care if he was carrying a bunch of homeless kittens, let’s get out of here,” my voice practically squeeking now. The panic levels were off the chart. I didn’t want another incident like with Devo. ‘I don’t want to get my face eaten, let’s go!” I reached over toward the wheel and Z-cash smacked my hand away.

“Dude, I think he is waving and… smiling?” Junior added quizzically. “Do zombies smile?” he wondered out loud.

He glanced back at Ty and Ty shrugged.

Scooter finally reached the door and leaned toward the half open window resting his arm against it. “What’s up guys?” he asked.

Ty leaned back in his seat, “nada.”

“Man, this is some fucked up shit isn’t it?” he asked.

“ARE YOU A ZOMBIE!” I yelled from the side seat and everyone cringed back.

Scooter flinched and glanced over at me, “naw dude, why are you yelling?” he turned back to Z-cash, “Why is he so tense?”

“He had to sma…..


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