Dr. of What? Officially Ordained!

certificateApparently I am now an officially ordained minister. I saw someone posting a link to the site in a post by Laurie Notaro on Facebook so thought, “What the hell!” and applied to be an ordained minister. Less than ten seconds later I was ordained.

If I so desire I can start my own ministry by purchasing a ministry in a box!

I can use a plethora of titles including: Reverend, Minister, Healer, Educator, Angel, Cure, Druid, Faith Healer, Free Thinker, Sorcerer, Doctor of Space & Time, Lay Sister, Child of the Universe, Spiritual Warrior, Rock Doctor (R.D), Lord of Time, and many more!  And I can also purchase title, degrees, or certificates including Jedi Knight or a simple Dr. of Metaphysics. While Lord of Time, Cure, Druid, or Rock Doctor Kiki Lewis sound good, there are just too many choices to decide just yet!

Now to study the three step guide to performing weddings in case I come across an emergency marriage that needs to be officiated!

P.S. I can also absolve you of your sins. So let me know if you want to talk!

P.S.S. You too can be ordained by going to: http://www.themonastery.org/


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