Internet Personality Disorder (subtype antisocial)

imagesIs social media making us less social? Apparently I am not the only one with this question as I have come across tons of articles asking the same (or similar) question.

The other day I saw a car accident and as I paused to see if everyone was okay I saw many people pull out their phones and take pictures of the cars. I called out to ask the guy if he was okay and he waved that he was. No biggie, no one was hurt, just a fender bender. But how many moments like that have been witnessed via Twitter or Facebook updates. People don’t want to get involved, but they will let everyone know they were there! many times have you caught a flash-mob only to watch it through the lens of your phone camera? How many times have you sat across the table from someone and you are both staring at your phones checking messages, updates, emails, etc. You are communicating with people all over the world! You are bridging the gap! Our world is becoming smaller! But.. what about the person right in front of you? Is social media making us… socially awkward? can that be? These tools were invented to bring us together, not pull us apart. How many of you honestly can say you prefer meeting someone for the first time via email. Maybe communicate a bit over text messages and then MAYBE meet in person. Sometimes I feel like the last of a dying breed when I call people to talk to them. Call them, on the phone and use my voice. Crazy idea! Why the heck would anyone want to do that when you can message them and not have to wait patiently for them to say whatever words are appropriate to match your words.

catzIs social media making us jealous? All those awesome Facebook posts. All those perfect Instagram pics. That creative and cool rainbow sparkles levitating cupcake Jody posted on Pinterest. All those cool places people are checking into on Foursquare. All those famous people that are re-tweeting something Bubba said. How can we compete with all these perfect moments in others lives without posting even more perfect moments of our own?

internet-web-lonely-valentines-day-ecards-someecards_largeIs social media making us lonely? How many times have you sat at home checking updates on your social media thinking how everyone else is having such an awesome fulfilled life and you are just sitting at home reading about it? Just remember they are having that awesome fulfilled life while viewed through their smartphone and only half paying attention to all the awesome fulfilling stuff while updating their status so you can hear about the awesome and fulfilling fun they are having.

dead_tweet1Sadly, people die while being socially active. People die and no one knows they have died because they set their social media to post at set times. So someone may seem socially active even when they are laying dead on the floor. Think about that!


As far as I know, Internet Personality Disorder (subtype antisocial) (IPD-as), is not a real diagnosis. But if people can claim to be Internet Personalities, then I feel there should be a disorder to describe them.


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