With trepidation – a thousand word excerpt

http://www.jimchines.com/2011/04/comic-amusement/Just under a month ago I made a promise to myself to write a thousand words a day so I could get this book inside of me out on paper (well digital paper). And I have! I started that post at around 7,000 words written and as of today I have written 35,031. Hot diggity dog! At a thousand a day I am 3,031 ahead of plan!

Off the Mark 3I should reach my goal of 60,000 and be able to go into hardcore editing mode around June 13th. Things are cruising along! Initially I thought I would have trouble writing so many words, but my characters keep getting sidetracked and I can see how people end up with these 100,000+ monstrosities.

How-are-you-writing-smSo with trepidation (and no editing), here is a little over thousand word excerpt from my YA-zombie-apocalypse-novel-written-from-the-perspective-of-a-14-year-old-boy story:

“Z-cash, Junior!” I yelled. “Dudes, what is going on?!”

“We don’t know, we stopped at Mickey D’s before school and got here late and just saw all this!” Z-cash yelled back.

“Have you seen Scooter?”

“Naw, he got busted for trying to sneak out with that chick from Science class” Junior responded.

“No way!” I laughed. “What a punk!”

As we yelled back and forth we failed to notice how much attention we were attracting from the hordes below and continued yelling questions at each other. “Guys come over here!” I hollered.

“Dude, we can’t,” Ty responded back. “There is a huge group right below us”

I glanced down and noticed the large group from the quad had finally made its way out and was now streaming toward the pool area. “Oh, fuck!” I said as my knuckles whitening as I grasped tighter to the low wall on the edge of the roof. Ty, Junior, and Z-cash glanced down at where I was looking.

“Dude! You have to get out now,” yelled Z-cash.

“I know!” I said. “How?”

They were silent as I turned and frantically scanned the area searching for a way out. I noticed another ladder leading down the outside of the building but it was on the same side of the building as the quad.

“You are going to have to climb down and make a run for it!” Z-cash yelled out.

“No shit, dude” I muttered to myself.

“Alright,” I said out loud. “But we need a meeting plan since you guys aren’t safe there either.”

We all stood in silence a while, thinking. “I need to see if my mom and sister are okay” Ty called back.

“Okay, let’s meet in the parking lot and find a car we can use to get there”

“Dude, the parking lot is huge,” Z-cash responded reasonably.

“Fine, section F4, whatever, let’s just go!” They waved in concession toward me. I headed to the ladder preparing for the craziest dash of my life. I reached the ladder and glanced down. So far it was still clear; the infected students seemed to be gathering on the side nearest the gate to the pool. I slipped over the edge and put my first foot on the rung. I quickly scooted down the ladder and hopped the final few feet to the ground. I looked around and then started running full out toward the pool. Staring straight ahead I was relieved to see that the path looked clear. The parking lot was just on the other side of the auditorium. I reached the auditorium and took a sharp left. As I rounded the corner I saw one of the groups of infected students standing over a fallen mess. I let out a quick yelp and slowed down.

Quieting my footsteps I slowly edged around them. As I passed by I broke back out into a full run. Only a few more yards, I told myself. I dashed the final distance and started searching the cars. Looking for any that someone may have stupidly (and luckily for me) left their keys in. I saw Ty and Z-cash running toward the lot and I waved them over. I quickly explained what I was doing and they both started glancing in cars. Z-cash ran his fingers under the wheel wells looking for a hidden key box. After about two minutes he called out in triumph.

“Got it!” he said as he waved a silver key in the air.

“Awesome!” Ty yelled. We both ran toward Z-cash and the shiny blue VW Bug with yellow and pink vinyl flowers lining the wheel wells. We stopped and stared at it a minute. Shrugging I said, “Whatever,” and opened the passenger side door.

“Shotgun!” I yelled out of habit.

“Awwww, man!” Ty whined.

Smirking I shoved Ty toward the back seat and slid into the front seat. We took our usual places with Z-cash at the wheel. Naturally he was the driver since he was the only one with a permit and experience in driving. Well, legal experience. Ty and I had both snuck rides in our parent’s cars without them knowing. But for some reason following the rules brought us comfort right now. Well, following the rules if you ignore the whole grand theft auto thing. Z-cash started up the car and started pulling out of the spot. He slammed on the brakes and glanced at us.

“Seatbelts,” he commanded.

Ty and I both laughed.

“I’m serious,” he said with a straight face. “Rule #3 in my car, wear your seatbelt at all times when the vehicle is moving” he recited.

We clicked on our seatbelts as he slammed his foot on the gas peeling out of the parking spot, clipping a BMW on the way out. Spinning the wheel Z-cash laughed maniacally as he bounced off the rear end of a Jeep Wrangler.  “Dude! Slow the fuck down,” Ty yelled as he grabbed onto the passenger headrest. “And look out for the kid on the bike,” he added.

“What kid on a bi..” Z-cash slammed on the brakes and we all three sat motionless, stunned as we stared at a person pedaling frantically toward us on a bright purple 10-speed.

“Is that Junior?” I asked.

We all glanced at the seat next to Ty, which was empty. “Where the fuck is Junior?” I stupidly asked. We all turned back to the front of the car to see that the bike riding maniac was even closer and there was a mob of zombies stumbling behind him.

“We forgot Junior,” Z-cash pointed out.

“No shit,” Ty responded.

The tires squealed as Z-cash slammed his foot on the pedal and the Bug fishtailed across the lot. He slammed on the brakes again and the car spun 90 degrees clipping Junior’s back tire before coming to a stop. Junior hopped off the bike as it spun out from under him and he dove through the open window landing half in the car with his head smashed against the gear shift.

“Don’t let them get my Chucks!” he yelled as he wiggled around kicking his feet and smashing a zombie in the face. Another zombie reached out and grabbed his foot slipping one of Junior’s prized bronze Chucks off.

“Fuck your Chucks,” I screamed as I tried to push Junior off of me while trying to simultaneously pull him into the car.

Z-cash once again slammed on the gas and tore out of the parking lot. We weaved through the remaining zombies and cars and burst out of the parking lot onto a clear street. Junior crawled to the back and sat next to Ty gasping for breath and looking mournfully at his shoeless foot.

Z-cash glanced at him through the rear view window and stoically said, “Put your seatbelt on.”


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