My Single-Use Year

mom1I started feeling nostalgic after leafing through some old photos and seeing how less than perfect moments were captured perfectly on film. Some people looking to the side, some hamming it up for the camera, some not even sure if the picture is being taken (and maybe picking their nose). It was so fun to study the picture and wonder what everyone was thinking at that moment and/or try to figure out what I was thinking at that moment! Even the stale cigarette smoke I could smell on them didn’t deter from the moment, if anything it added to it!


So I decided to do a year long project entitled “My single-use year.” The title itself can mean many things but it is referring to a year of pictures only using a single-use camera. No cry’s of do-overs. There is one shot for one moment. The camera only has limited film and if I want to take more pictures I have to buy a new disposable camera. So while I could end up with tons of photos, I will have to be selective on which ones to keep and make sure I only snap when I really want a photo.  As in the olden days, a lot of those most likely will be tossed, but I won’t have 50 pictures of the exact same thing to go through to make sure I got just the right angle.

mom2I plan to start this project on June 1st, 2013 and continue through May 31st, 2014. I will write a blog post after each roll is developed, so maybe every couple of months. Hopefully this time next year I will have both an awesome physical album of pictures as well as a digital one.


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