My heart for a cupcake

Lately there have been news stories about how the cupcake fad is coming to an end.

America, Rescue Your Cupcakes!

Crumbs Bakery Stock Crumbles as Fad Fades

Forget Gold, the Gourmet-Cupcake Market is Crashing

But dry up those tears because there is a shining ray of light for you (and me) cupcake lovers:

Fear not: Cupcakes will never die


Though this is sad news that the amount of cupcake shops may be reducing and it won’t be as easy to grab one during a break at work or while out wandering the streets it just makes it that much better when someone brings you one as a gift. The accessibility of cupcakes I found from working downtown and close to a cupcake shop (named Delish) and trying out the different desserts at this aforementioned cupcake shop had me eventually limiting my visits out of necessity and need. It made visiting this shop an occasional treat rather than an every day occurrence and I have come to a conclusion.

If you want to wiggle your way into my heart (not an easy feat!), occasionally bring me a cupcake as a treat. A single cupcake and just occasionally  I don’t want you to start tossing dozens of cupcakes in front of me on a weekly basis. If you do that I might think you are trying to plump me up or send me into a diabetic coma and that is not okay!

But a single cupcake that I can savor and enjoy is good. I then I get all warm and ushy gushy for like two seconds before my normal cynical veil falls back over my eyes and I yell at you for doing stupid romantic things.

The cupcake fad may be declining, but my love for these portable little cakes most likely will never fade. Though my love for you probably will. Haha just kidding, kind of, maybe, sort of, or not.


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