Ch-ch-ch-chia Fruit Yogurt

Christmas-Gift-Idea-Hello-Kitty-Chia-Pet-1_largeI absolutely love this chia and fruit yogurt I made this week. It uses the same chia seeds we used to grow and keep as pets. I came across the idea on one of the mason jar recipe sites out there and just changed it up a little (most add oatmeal and I found it wasn’t needed).

yogurtThe picture doesn’t do it justice (hopefully the added heart and stars will help), but the speed at which I alternatively inhale and take my time to savor it goes to show how awesome it is. I do have to tell you that it is hard to lick the jar clean. That is one of the disadvantages of using mason jars!


Take the listed ingredients and scoop them into a half pint mason jar. After sealing the lid, shake it up and refrigerate. You can eat it straight from the jar or scoop it in a bowl and add banana and granola or whatever you want. I made enough for the week and it made a great breakfast and/or snack. It is super yummy!

Tip: buy the plastic lids and replace the regular metal canning lids.

For some yummy ideas on making the mason jar refrigerated oatmeal check out this site:


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