What, Where, Why, When, Whovian?

AQuestionFromDrFredFreudno42My family is British, but for some reason I have this weird reluctance about watching British TV shows. I get the humor, I LIKE the humor, I use the humor, but every time my mom tells me I need to check out one of the shows my hackles go up and I snarl that I don’t like British shows (which led to a big misunderstanding where she thought I hated British people and I got defensive or something and then she thought I hated her and I felt guilty and then… yes, I turn into a teenager around my parents, and I probably will continue to until I am at least 90 or older). I am sure Freud would have a heyday with it and ask me to tell him about my mother.


The weird thing is when I do watch the show (after much nagging from my mom, okay she doesn’t actually nag but after she mentions it once I can hear her voice in my head every time I see something about the show. Yes, Dr. Freud, I know, leave me alone about questions about my mother!) I end up liking it. But EVERY SINGLE TIME I am very reluctant.

dr-who-scarfI put off watching Downton Abbey for ever and then couldn’t stop watching it and scoured the webs for discussion on it after the second and third seasons. I put off watching the new Dr Who until sometime last year because I remember watching it as a kid with my parents and thinking how freaky it was. Actually I don’t remember at the time thinking it was freaky, but looking back at it I feel it was freaky, the scarf and everything and it just felt so ooollllddd now.

drwhoSo I started watching from seasons one, two, and then three, and then four and was not getting into it. I watched a couple episodes of each season and was feeling blah about the whole thing and then I watched the first episode of season five in HD and now I can’t stop. I am slowly turning into a Whovian and I am not sure I feel comfortable with that… but I do know my mom would be happy about it! She is probably right now reading this and nodding and saying, “I knew you would enjoy it.” SO annoying! 🙂


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