Welcome, Whiskey!

298164_10151364007820303_244912765_nSo I finally did it and made the commitment and welcomed a new cat into my home. It was pretty much an impulse decision as I wanted it to be. I knew when it was right it would be. Mandi and I were at the farmers market and while there we saw the Austin animal shelter had set up a small trailer with some cats and dogs in cages. Three of the cats caught my attention, but two of them I was really interested in. The one I didn’t choose was barely a year old and I knew I wanted an older cat.

Whiskey was friendly, had long legs and was just gorgeous. I almost adopted him that second, but wanted to think some more on it. We decided to get a gyro and do our shopping first. Mandi made a comment about how she had never seen me so indecisive about something. It is true. I usually run on impulsiveness so this adopting experience has really been out of character for me! After shopping we went back and I looked at the two cats again and then decided on Whiskey.

I paid the fee, we put him in the temporary cardboard transport box, and were on our way. It was funny watching them put him in it because he would stand up tall and would be taller than the box when closed so they couldn’t get him to lay down. He finally did.

IMG_20130428_122134A few things I have discovered about Whiskey since I brought him home that I love. He is a lazy bum. He loves to plop down on the ground and lounge. he will be walking along and then just slump to the ground and look up at you like he has been sitting there all along.

20130501_215443He loves the bathtub and will sit in it and just stare at me while I am putting on makeup or doing other bathroom stuff. Or will sit on the edge while I take a bath. He also will sporadically run from room to room before plopping on the ground and pretending nothing just happened. He is a weirdo and I love that!


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