Those kids in that commerical

So watching Hulu Plus via the Xbox you are forced to watch the same commercial over and over. Sometimes it is actually worth it. Lately it has been the AT&T commercials. While these commercials are great and the kids with lots to say are great, it is the bit players, the kids that sometimes don’t have anything or very little to say that are the most entertaining.

More specifically: In the ‘More” one, watch the kid sitting next to the girl talking. He sits there flicking away at his face. You can just see that he is off in wonderland dreaming of all the ways he is going to spend his big bucks or contemplating the wind speed velocity of an African swallow, or maybe just thinking about cookies. Who knows! But he is entertaining with his face flicking.

The other one is in the “Candy Island” commercials. The boy at the end that says ‘what about the animals?” Now every time my roomie and I have a question about something we always imitate him with a ‘What about the animals, what did, wha.. what are they made of?’ with a vague and confused expression.

I do miss my son being small and the fun conversations we used to have about life and everything in it 9Though we still have great conversations today, when he calls me or answers his phone!). But conversations with kids are awesome.

So … go check them out if you haven’t seen them before. Check out the youtube channel for more. The werewolf and faster one are great as well!


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