Free Teaser Chapter of Schooled!

schooledcoverRead the first chapter of Schooled (Lexy Cooper Mystery #1) for free on the authors blog. If you haven’t read the book yet, definitely check out the first chapter on her blog. And then after that go buy it on Amazon and read the whole damn thing! There are many reasons I like this book but first and foremost it is written by a friend: a very talented and cool chick named Christa Charter (aka Trixie360). But I also like it because the setting is at at a large videogame company campus named Xenon (which most people will see is loosely based on the well known campus Christa was Community Manger at for many years, so that means lots of juicy videogame gossip and familiar people!) And lastly there is sex, violence, and murder in it. Put all that together (with fantastic editing and memorable characters) and you get a fast-paced, fun, and thoroughly entertaining read.

Note that this chapter has all those things I mentioned above so if prying and/or innocent eyes are watching you read it YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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