Growing old sucks

Check out those crazy eyes!

Check out those crazy eyes!

I am growing older and it sucks! I look quite a bit younger than I really am but my body definitely knows it is growing older. There is a bit more creaking and popping when I stand, I have to have regular blood panels and various other health checks a lot more often than before, weight lingers and gathers much more easily than it used to, and my optometrist said the dreaded word… bifocals.

He said it with much glee and smirkiness, or at least in my head he was dancing around and pointing at me and sticking out his tongue as he said, ‘you need bifocals!’ He further explained that even though I didn’t have to get them now, I will definitely need them in the next year or two so I may as well just get them now.

This is one of the parts of aging that definitely sucks. Just about every other part you can slow down or fix with a healthy diet and exercise. Cholesterol high? Stop smoking, no more excessive drinking, eat better, and exercise. Overweight? No more excessive drinking, eat better, and exercise. Gravity pulling parts of your body downward? Stop smoking, hydrate more, eat better, and exercise. But your vision… how do you slow down or stop that deteriorating? I don’t think you can! I had Lasik done around six or seven years ago to fix astigmatism and farsightedness. I didn’t have to have it done, I could see fine, but I went ahead and did it so I could see perfect. I was told at the time I would need glasses for reading after I turned 40, but it seemed so far away. Now it has gone and passed and sure enough, I need glasses again. Just one more thing in the long line of what happens as you age. Ugh. Growing old sucks.


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