Sisters Rule! (and brother-in-law’s are okay, too)

sisters.jpgMy brother in law, Mike Ernesti, made a wise statement to my sister, Susie Ernesti. the other day. He said how lucky we should feel to have been able to spend so much time together as adult siblings. He was right. I stayed with them for about three months between coming back from S. Korea and leaving to Austin, TX and my sister and I spent almost every second together shopping, playing games, trying new recipes, finding her a new dog (after months of discussion between her and her husband), fighting (once), watching TV, starting new projects, more shopping, and just hanging out and enjoying each others company.

I introduced them to The Walking Dead and Banagrams and my sister reminded me how important it is to buy wine in bulk. I am thrilled to have the most awesome sister in the world and Mike was right, I do feel lucky to have had all that awesome time to hang out with them.


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