Training at the new job in Austin!

view.jpgI had an excellent time during my training in Austin. The flight was smooth getting out there and the hotel suite was really nice. The walk to and from along the bridge that goes over the river was awesome! I can’t wait to get out there and Kayak and try one of the  stand-up paddle boats!

lobby.jpgThe first thing you notice when you walk into the compass office is the giant school bus sticking out of the wall. Also, outside the building along the roof are children playing. They are mannequins and someone in the office is responsible to change their clothing on occasion. I didn’t get a picture of them but I will next week.

dinner.jpgI met tons of people, had tons of info jammed into my head, and had a blast at dinner with my fellow trainees and execs at the company.

lunch.jpgThe last day of training happened to fall on the twice monthly pizza Fridays (which have changed to alternating Pizza and Taco Fridays) which included live music and next week will be waffle Wednesdays which also happen twice a month. I know I am going to like this place!

card.jpgAnd I am official with my business cards. I have plenty of them to hand out during SXSW and any community manager meetups I attend!


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