Texas, hide your cowboys, I’m moving in!

COWBOY-21So on Monday of this week I posted a Facebook message saying how I had already been contacted about a couple of jobs and this was MY week. Well, it turns out it was/is! After a phone interview on Friday, February 1st and then a  Skype interview on Tuesday, February 5th (which was a first for them), I was offered a job. Less then 30 minutes after the Skype interview they called to offer me the job. And it is in Austin, Texas. Austin! Texas! Woo hoo! Austin was one of the top three places I wanted to move to. It was either stay in Phoenix, Seattle, or Austin. So I am super thrilled.  I will be posting more information about the job next week when I start. Yes, next week. The initial start date was in two weeks, but they are eager to have me out there to get started and asked if they could fly me out and put me up in a hotel for next week and then fly me back on the weekend to get my stuff. Hell yeah! I want to start right now!

So next week I will post about the job and what I will be doing and my initial impressions of Austin; and the following weekend I will post about my road-trip adventure driving from Phoenix to Austin. I know it will be an adventure because those are the only type of trips I have!


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