Three nights in Bangkok

Finally off to Bangkok…

Where we stayed. A nice hotel close to Khao San Road but the walls were super thin. We could here everything in the surrounding rooms and in the hall. But it was good as a place to store our stuff and sleep!

The turtle that hung out near our breakfast table. He was cool. left us alone and did his own thing.

The streets of Bangkok; nothing like they show in the movies!

The bus we took to get to Chinatown. The floors were wooden and the ticket was tiny. We tried to pay the bus lady when we left and she refused to take any money. We also got off way before Chinatown and walked for ever to find it (which was a huge ordeal).

Chinatown: Chestnuts roasted in black sand. Pretty yummy!

The Pad Thai lady on the first night. We never saw here again after that first night and she was replaced with a man. No worries. His Pad Thai was just as yummy, and cheap!

We went to the weekend market which was HUGE where I got these new shoes and TONS of other things. The market was something like 25 acres and sold things from curry mix to puppies to household furniture.

The next night we stopped at Starbucks to grab some Bangkok/Thailand mugs since I am collecting them in every country we can. I am just sad I never got one in France or England when I was there before. Oh well…. more vacations!

This is Khao San Road. The famous backpackers street of Bangkok. It was busy and there were tons of men trying to get us to go to the ping pong show. They make a popping noise with their mouth to try and get our interests. Ask me in person one day and I will let you hear the sound in person!

Susie walking street. I thought my sister would find it fun that there was a street named after her in Bangkok!

We stopped for street food. I had a Mai Tai and crepes…

Mandi had Pad Thai.

Then Mandi wanted a beer and a street massage.

And so did I! When massages are only a few dollars it is kind of hard to say no!

Next stop…. Kho Pagnan and the BEACH and the Full Moon Party!!


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