Back in 'Nam – Part two

Happy Bday, Susie!

So the next morning we mentioned  during breakfast to the hotel staff that it was Susie’s b-day that day and we were going to go out shopping to celebrate. They wished her happy bday and we set off for a fun filled shopping day. We bought tons of stuff. Mandi and I bought more suitcases (it’s an addiction, okay!) and we bought tons of gifts for others. When we got back to the hotel the staff was there with a cake and roses for Susie for her bday. We were so shocked and pleased. What a totally kind thing to do! Susie was almost in tears because it was such a  great gesture. Best hotel staff ever. 🙂

Typical ‘Nam scene

So a couple of days later Susie and Lynda left and Mandi and I were on our own. We only had a few things we wanted to do. Find the best Pho in Hanoi, drink the best coffee in Hanoi, do more shopping, and visit the prison commonly known as the Hanoi Hilton. THe one McCain spent time at when he was a POW. Luckily we accomplished all of those. Yes, we even found the best Pho in Hanoi. We had to eat a lot of Pho to do it though!

Best coffee!

So the best coffee was at this little stand called Cafe Pho Co at Hang Giay where we got to know the owner and as soon as he would see us would rush back to get our coffees ready (he knew what we wanted).

Shopping…. bought lots of gifts this time around. I also had a custom vest made for Z. It has an awesome, gorgeous ice blus silk lining and I am excited to show him.

Best Pho, evah!



Best Pho? It was at a place called Pho Cuong at 23 Hang Muoi and it was PHOnomenal.

McCains flight suit

The prison (museum) was sad, as can be expected. Not as emotionally draining as the one in Ho Chi Minh City though. I did get to see the flight suit McCain wore that was on display.

Bun Cha (Bun yuck!)

After that we spent our last couple of days meeting new people, shopping, and eating pho. Oh yeah. We tried a dish that is famous in Hanoi and was supposed to be so awesome Bun Cha…. and it was horrible. The soup was tepid and sweet and uggghh, gag, blargh, ick. Luckily we had more Pho that night to wash it away.

3rd best Pho

Though this Pho place wasn’t as exciting as the best one we had, it was still good. It was in a back alley and at the end of our meal we saw a cockroach run by. Whatever, the boiling kills all germs right.

Also, good news, Mandi and I have not got sick once yet on this trip other then normal aches and pains, slight belly aches, and mosquito bites (and leech incidents). Woot! (knock on wood)

next stop.. Bangkok!


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