Luang Prabang – Pak Ou Caves, Kuang Si Waterfall, and Alms

Cion, me, and Marc

Cion, me, and Marc

Today we headed to the tour office to meet up with the van that would take us to visit the Pak Ou Caves.We met two guys that hung out with us that were a lot of fun; one was from Switzerland and the other from Malaysia.




Mandi and Lynda getting some sun

Mandi and Lynda getting some sun


We all piled in a rickety long boat that took a looonnnggg time to get to the caves.


Local Whiskey

Local Whiskey

We stopped off along the way to visit a small village where we got some homemade whiskey and rice wine. 55 proof. Strong stuff. We bought a few bottles (or maybe six or eight). 🙂






Once we got to the cave we were told there was an entrance fee which we were a little surprised at since we weren’t told about it beforehand. Oh well, we paid and wandered up there. They weren’t that exciting. There were a bunch of Budhha statues in both the lower and upper cave; but from what we had heard I thought there would be thousands of them. It was all just familiar to what we had seen before.

The climb up was a long one, but we made it to the top.

Marc cheering at the top of the climb

Marc cheering at the top of the climb


We were going to go to the waterfall that afternoon but decided to do it the next day. We made plans to meet the two guys later and got to the night market and shop! After a full night of shopping and street food and then Mandi and I went off dancing and drinking and then scooted on home.

The raging waterfall

The raging waterfall


So the next day we headed out to go to the waterfall and it started pouring rain before we even got in the van. POURING rain, monsoon like, drenching rain. The day we were supposed to go it was sunny and beautiful and the next day it was pouring rain. Ahh well, we decided to go anyway. We got some beautiful pictures, saw some sun bears, and got thoroughly soaked. Though we didn’t see the beautiful crystal blue pools others have seen, we did see some awesome roaring waterfalls.


Giving alms to the monks

The next morning we got up at 5am to give alms to the monks. It was a great experience.

Next we leave for Hanoi, Vietnam!


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