Luang Prabang – Elephant riding!


Hello Laos!

We arrived in Luang Probang with no problems and checked into our guesthouse. I wasn’t too happy with out room because I thought it had a weird smell to it so I asked the manager if we could switch rooms. He showed me one another but it aso smelled funny. The one I wanted was on the other side of Susie and Lynda’s room, but it was already taken. 😦 Luckily the next day the people using it left so we were able to get it then. Yay. No more smelly room and no more bathroom with knee high step to get into it!

So the first day We just relaxed, visited a bar across the street called Hive and relaxed. The next day we wandered around, set up our tours, and went to the Night Market.


Hello elephant!

The tours….. On our third day we were picked up and taken to the elephant park to play with elephants. It was such an awesome day! First we met the elephants and got up close with them. Then we met our mahouts (elephant driver and trainers) and climbed up two at a time to ride them around in a basket.


Mahout in training

About five minutes in I started teasing our mahout about what a great job he was doing and said I was a mahout in training so he said, did you want to drive, mahout in training? And I said, hell yeah! So he scooted back while I scooted forward onto the elephants neck and took control. It was so awesome! I got to be the mahout for about an hour journey around the jungle.

After that we led the elephants back and headed across the lake to have lunch and be trained in the commands of a mahout.


LOVE my elephant

We boated back to the other side and met our new mahout and new elephant that we would be driving with no basket. We hopped on by climbing on the leg and being boosted onto their neck. We took off for another hour plus journey around the jungle.


Taking a bath

After a fun and sometimes scary journey (some of the downhills were a little scary!) we headed to the water to bathe our elephants. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling as my elephant swung its head around and squirting water in the air onto me. So much fun!

After the bathing we headed back and tumbled our aching, sore bodies off the elephants and headed back to town.

What an AWESOME day!


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