Chiang Mai – The Wet Gibbon

Wooooooooo!  Yeah! Yee Haw! Yippie Kai Yai Yay!!!

Hellz yeah! That was an awesome two days! We got up early, grabbed breakfast and then headed out for an adventure filled two days that involved seeing elephants, white water rafting, sleeping in a treehouse, oohhhh and ahhhhing over gibbons, ziplining, and waterfall seeing.


Excited for the rafting!

The first thing we did was head out to the area we were going to white water raft at. We picked up a young girl named Naomi from Scotland first and then headed out on an hour plus, drive. The drive up there was lonnnnngggg.. The mountain was curvy and the bumps plentiful. When we got there we were treated to food.. more Thai food. We were getting a tiny bit worn out from it since we had that HUGE meal yesterday during the cooking course, but we soldiered on and ate up. Then it started raining, boooooooooo!


Excited to go!

We waited it out some but then decided to just head out when it was still drizzling. We got our safety briefing and then headed out in two rafts. Mandi and I in one and the rest in another. Obviously Mandi and I seemed pro enough to go on our own!


woo hoo!

The white water rafting rocked! The rapids were fun and we only lost one overboard one time and that was because our guides succeeded in finally knocking one of us out far enough after a few attempts. We held strong most of the time. Lynda pointed out how the guides in the US would never have this much fun with their passengers and they are probably right. We had splashing fights, got purposely stuck a few times and flew over large boulders we could have went around.

All and all it totally rocked and we all got soaked. Toward the end we were treated with the site of an elephant bathing, so cute!


So much food!

After that crazy adventure we headed out to our homestay which was a couple of hours away.


Our treehouse

The house we stayed in was more like a treehouse and it was awesome! After being served a wonderful dinner four ladies showed up to give us all massages.

This was probably the lightest touch Thai massage I have received but it still felt great.


Calling it a night

After that we were all so cold (it was freezing up north) that we decided to pile blankets on us and head to bed. It was early, but since it was so cold we fell to
sleep early. So after that early night we obviously woke up very early.


Around 20 different ziplines

After a wonderful breakfast (Thai style) served to us we headed off for the Flight of the Gibbon! Holy cow.. I thought the white water rafting was awesome but this was even more awesome!


Flying through the rainforest

We soared through the trees, flew like superman, and repelled between platforms. i have been on ONE zipline before, but this was almost 20 ziplines! I would recommend it to everyone to try if they ever head out to Chiang Mai!


The ziplining gang

Our guides Cash and Ton were awesome. Cash was a definite character and they had fun bouncing the line and pretending to knock us off the platform. Again, like the white water rafting, with all the liability issues this kind of fun could never be had!

Oh! And we saw gibbons! We think they were pet ones since a family of them came to see us. But it was still cool.


Hello gibbon

After the zipline we were driven back to our guesthouse where we were told a free massage was available to us since we booked both of the adventures through our guesthouse. So after showering, resting, and eating, we headed out for our free massages.

Lynda opted for the traditional Thai massage while Mandi, Susie, and I choose the face treatment for an little additional charge.


My sunshine happy facial!

As you can see, I was having a blast, and Susie and Mandi were so serious! (they looked dead!)


living dead girls

Susie, Mandi, and Lynda decided to head to another place for pedicures and manicures and I headed home to relax some (in silence) and was entertained with tons of crashing and yelling and banging as one of the other guests came back to the guesthouse very drunk. Oh well, the life of travelling budget through SE Asia!

Next stop Laos!  Stay tuned!


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