Chiang Mai – Thai Cooking Class


Susie and Lynda arrived! Woo hoo!  I was so excited to see Susie since it had seemed like forever since I had! The moment they got here we were nonstop. We went wandering around that night and then got ready for a full day the next day.


Waking up early the next morning we had breakfast and then met up with Sammy from Sammy’s Organic Farm Cooking Class. Sammy was a very cheerful outgoing person who laughed, a lot. Everything he said was with a laugh. We all piled in the truck and then picked up a couple from Israel and a man from Germany that were joining us.


The first thing we did was go to the farmers market. At that time we all choose which foods we wanted to make. Between the four of us we covered everything. Next we watched a demonstration on how to make coconut milk and then we wandered around the market for a bit.


Our next stop was the farm itself. Sammy kept telling us to use his bathroom because it was so wonderful and we were like ummmm..okay.. sure. But after we saw it we could see why he bragged so much. It was probably the best bathroom, ever!



Finally we got down to cooking. Wait, first we made our curry paste, from scratch. We had to smash up all the ingredients with a mortar and pestle. Fun fun! I would love to be able to do this all the time, but it would take a lot of time to do each day! Maybe on special occasions.


The cooking gang

Now we moved on to the cooking. First thing was the curry, then the next course, then the next, until we all finished three sets each and we sat down to eat. Holy cow it was a lot of food! Everything was sooooo good. Susie, Mandi, and I liked the coconut soup the best. It was scrumptious.

After that huge meal we all went to lay down in the hammocks. We relaxed for a while before it was time to make the appetizer and dessert. We were all stuffed

still but carried on like the troopers we were. After slaving away on the appetizers and deserts we sat down to enjoy them. Mmmmm.. everything was super good.

After that we headed back, took two seconds to relax before heading out to the Night Bazaar. And it was just that, a fun and bizzare experience. We shopped, haggled, and bought a bunch of cool stuff. Mandi and I got suitcases so we no longer have to lug around our HUGE backpacks. Woo Hoo!!

Tomorrow…. white water rafting, homestay, and ziplining. Otherwise known as “The Wet Gibbon.”

Stay tuned!


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