Three countries in one day: Cambodia/Malaysia/Thailand Days 10 – 12


Our exit from Cambodia was uneventful. At the airport we picked up some yummy Cambodian spices and teas. Which reminds me; I need a new adjective besides yummy. The main reason being that I am afraid I will order something yummy and it have a little “something something” in it. The words happy, ecstatic, extra happy, and extra, extra happy, are also out. As they definitely mean something extra (meaning  hallucinogenic or super relaxing) has been added to it. So far yummy has been safe, but I definitely overuse it! First country of the day… done.

Next we arrived in Malaysia and cruised through customs. We only had a couple of hours until our next flight so we grabbed out luggage, went and checked in for our flight, stopped at Starbucks to get Susie her Malaysia coffee mug, grabbed some lunch, and headed to the gate. Second country of the day.. done.


Arriving in our third country of the day Chiang Mai, Thailand, was wonderful. The flight was smooth and fast and the passengers were well behaved. Good passengers!  When we stepped off the plane the sun was shining. Hello Chiang Mai! We grabbed a taxi and got to our guesthouse rather quickly.


The guesthouse looked awesome from the outside and was just as beautiful on the inside. The staff was super helpful though we can only remember the girl’s name who took us to our room(Pim). The woman who helped us book everything and check-in.. can’t remember her name!


We got settled in and then hit the streets, I had my first street Pad Thai (super yummy)! The shop owner was friendly and came over to talk to us and taught me the word for yummy in Thai which I promptly forgot and went back to my old standby when I was telling him how good the food was as we were leaving.


We stopped at a small place and got an  hour massage for six bucks and met a giant fish that makes faces when you make faces at it. This entertained me for quite a while as I sat and talked to it and made faces.

We got back and started planning our adventure for the next day. I found on Trip Advisor where you can get a massage by women currently incarcerated at the Chiang Mai Correctional Facility. So we set off to find this place and the place where I wanted to get my tattoo. It had come recommended by a friend who had been there this summer. We found the tattoo place first (yay!) and went in and spoke to the artist and explained what I wanted. We told him we would come back after our massage. So after walking through a semi-sketchy area we found a prison, wrong one, so we kept going. We turned a few more corners and finally found it. So we went in and got the massage. They were very smiley, VERY smiley. Every time I made eye contact with any of the women there they would smile back. I had told my masseuse that my lower back was sensitive so please be careful there. I think she thought I meant, go to town on my lower back, and she did! I was in so much pain afterward. I should know better, these Thai massages are hardcore. Mandi and I both decided that we are going to only get neck and shoulder and feet ones next time.


So off to get my tattoo. I got the bamboo tattoo and it didn’t hurt! Not in the “I am so tough this doesn’t hurt” but in the “wow, this really doesn’t hurt”! It was about 1/10 the pain of a regular tattoo.

I also got some Thai writing on the bottom of my cherry blossom tree that translates to “Once upon a time in Asia”.

I am so pleased with my tattoos! I have received a couple of compliments from some Thai natives on my bamboo one, so I am very pleased!

Next stop, Pai!


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