A slice of Pai – Thailand – Days 13-15

The adventure in Pai has been just that… an adventure where one thing after another happens!

The bus ride

We left around 11 to catch a van share ride to Pai. It was drizzling outside and as we got on our way the van was packed. We were having a great time chatting with people from all over the world and then it started pouring down rain. The road to Pai is known for it’s curves. There are over 500 curves on the stretch we were taking, over a thousand along the whole road. Our van driver decided to take every single curve as fast as he could through a deluge of rain he could barely see through. It was the most terrifying ride I have ever been on!

Our bungalow

Once we arrived in Pai we got a taxi to our bungalow. They are the cutest thing ever! After checking them out and getting cleaned up we decided to walk into town. We are staying about a 15 minute walk away.

The leech

Before we left I felt something on the edge of my pants and discovered it was a worm like thing. It left behind blood and I said, “I think this is a leech”. But all the leeches I had ever seen (in movies) were huge, this one wasn’t. I was just like hmmm.. and then we left.

We saw these two older women (one from Australia, the other from New Zealand) that we had been chatting with on this van ride here at a restaurant called Na’s along the way and decided to stop there. After I ate my yummy Pad Thai I said to Mandi, “The bottom of my foot feels real sticky, it is so weird”.

Bloody foot

I then removed my shoe and found the bottom of my foot was covered in blood and there was a bloody blob between one of my toes. Of those leeches had snuck into my shoe.

Bloody mess

That sucker! Literally.. that sucker! I then confirmed it was a leech.

I was extra careful where I walked after that.

We then wandered around town for a while before heading back to our bungalow.

Me on my scooter

The next day we went into town to pick up our scooters we asked to rent. It Was kind of funny because the woman that we were renting from drove up on a scooter and told one of us to hop on. Mandi stepped forward and got on. The scooter lady said they would be right back. I waited for what seemed like forever, I think it was about 20 minutes or so and the scooter lady pulled up and Mandi was right behind her. It was funny because Mandi has never ridden a scooter before, or an ATV, or an ATC, or anything with wheels besides a car and an ill-fated attempt on Rollerblades and you could tell. She looked scared to death!

We then took the scooters out for a ride and saw tons of awesome things along the way. I had such a good time on the scooter and had the songs from Sons of Anarchy and Born to be Wild playing on a loop in my head.


We stopped at this little stand along the road called Land Crack where they fed us juice and snacks for a donation. They also had a giant chicken.

Here are some more of the things we saw:





The next day I got up to use the restroom (which is outside of our bungalow) and fell through the floor. Fell through the floor! Holy cow.. who the heck does that,


obviously I do.


It hurt pretty badly and Mandi was still asleep so I just yanked at the plank next to it and ripped it out so I could get my leg out. Afterward Mandi said she heard me swear and thought I saw a bug or something. At least now I know how I would react if I fell through the floor, the same explicative as if I saw a cockroach.

We headed back out on our scooters and saw some more of Pai. It is such a beautiful area of Thailand.

Our tattoo artist – Adam

For our final day in Pai we decided to get another tattoo. I just can’t get enough and these bamboo ones are so awesome. They don’t hurt and they heal so quickly!

Tat with bamboo stick

And I really, really wanted an elephant one and it is so tiny and cute. 🙂

Happy dog!

BTW.. the dogs around here are so friendly and cute.

They just wander around smiling with their tails wagging!

Susie and Lynda arrive tonight and we are super excited!

Tomorrow we go to cooking school and the day after that The Wet Gibbon!


And a link to all the pictures from Pai.


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